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  • About us / About Us
  • Training and breeding of our own (KNPV) bloodline Dutch shepherds.
    Training & breeding our own bloodline x Dutch Shepherds.


  • Our Mission / Our Mission
  • Breeding healthy, strong work dogs, suitable for functioning as a police service dog or practicing in various sports programs.
  • That within the criteria and view as we think should be a service dog.
    Breeding strong healthy dogs suitable as a working police dog, how we think they should be.


We are Dick and Selena van Leeuwen and tell here  about the origins of Van Leeuwen Holland shepherds. The "how and why" and our vision and breeding goal.

When I started training Dick, it was with my father on the club  with German shepherds. I was 12 years old then. After working in Amsterdam as a psd-handler,I was able to get started with my self-directed DH Iros Nikita's Home, but when it was replaced by 1988, I could not find a dog within the German Shepherd that meets my criteria met as a police service dog. I was then forced to seek an alternative.

Within the then Bond vd Diensthond I came into contact with Gerard van Hoek, someone I shared many opinions about what a service dog should be. Furthermore, the dogs where Gerard spoke with me spoke to me. He bred Dutch people over the ancient church and Buddemeyer bloodlines.

I bought a Dutchman from Gerard, and that was Robbie, the beginning of a long love for this type of dog.
Robbie grew into a sharp athletic dog with a character that seemed to be tailored to my vision of service dogs.
He was dominant, courageous, taxable and very temperate where necessary. Robbie had a lot of "rest" between his ears and a kind of on and off button. The above-mentioned features came into being in the revival and quality of its bite. By nature very full and extremely hard.

Because my DH was worn out earlier than anticipated, I had to plan with the Robbie earlier. That led me to be my service dog at 2 years old.
His character and attributes made me never suffer from his early start as a police service dog. Robbie was often "tested" early in practice in various penile situations, proving to be the type of service dog "of nature". Never, at any moment, I have seen some reluctance, "fearless" was written on his body and with a devastating heavy bite, also in practice on civilians.
It was clear to me that this was the type of service dog I wanted to work with and wanted to practice with. Also that was absolutely a pleasure with him.

When Robbie was also replaced, he had covered a number of times, including Atos from Nico Goedhart and Taran from Felix Oskam. Both dogs of different bitches that showed me that Robbie inherited his qualities well.
Atos was at the base, through Rik Wolterbeek and Dianne SanLorenzo, of a strong line HH in the US. Taran van Felix developed into an imposing service dog in the police region where I did the instruction.
From a nest repetition with the same bitch as where Taran came out, I chose Rocky as a puppy.

It turned out (again) a golden grip. Rocky possessed a surplus of properties that his father Robbie had already owned. Because of my experience with Robbie, I was able to get more benefit from the qualities of his son Rocky and, in addition to the police service dog program, I also practiced the KNPV program with passion. Rocky won all his KNPV certificates with distinction and won various competitions. However, his qualities always served as a service dog.

Rocky has been used several times as a decreu for many different bitches. All times led to the dominant inheritance of its stability, hard, natural full bite. Descendants of Rocky include my later service dog Spike, Tommy of Rob Luyken, Robbie Paul van Eerden, Rens van Andre Luyken later Nico Sweebroek, Alex Dickie of Nimwegen, Cleo, Sam of Albert Das and of course my Nika.
That Rocky's quality dominant inheritance was no wonder. He was the product of line cultivation on Buddemeyer and Kerkoerle.
In addition, he also found that he was able to inherit the short wage that his father Robbie could have and Rocky himself at work. That meant that various descendants actually came to terms with more experienced dressors.

Within the vision of the genetic capture of Rocky qualities, I used him at Nika. A bitch who, with regard to hardness, loadability and drift, absolutely compares the comparison with each male and female dog.
Nika brought me a spacious cert PHI (439), PHII (453) and a won selection, so participation in the PHII championships in Den Bosch.

The consideration that Rocky, as well as Nika, vwb breeding value in the mental area and especially physically, could add more than enough to create a good starting point to build a bloodline within this genetic offer based on them dogs that bring extra and are naturally a service dog.
The start of the bloodline had begun.

Proof of the right choice was my Spike, Ebro of Herman Peeters, Benta and Robbie. All born from the combi Rocky x Nika and a little apart apart ...
Meanwhile, I had come to know Selena who was born in a "dog breed". Selena had her roots mainly with the Mechelaar with pedigree, but also had her heart pledged to our Dutch bloodline.

Many of the combis that we have bred / put together Rocky as a base. Through different angles and in different degrees. Especially with a view to maintaining the quality and qualities we would like to see in the type of dog, which we think are in service dogs.
Given the amount of dogs bred by us, used worldwide as a service dog, our way of breeding seamlessly fits our goal.
In the meantime, you can also say that the dogs bred by us have acquired a recognizable identity, so you can speak with your own right about your own bloodline.

Our vision of the future is mainly aimed at preserving that quality and identity because we believe in it and therefore want to remain in our own and recognizable ones.
We want to breed the dog we would like to work in practice with, and what we would like to do.

Questions about our vision and view are of course always free. We are happy to change your mind.
If you are interested in a dog bred by us, hear a lot of information about what you can expect from there.
If the purchase of a puppy leads to disappointment, there are only losers: the puppies, we and the most important thing, the puppy / dog. We therefore consider it an important investment.
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