• Pebbles 9 yr old.

  Pebbles brn 13873
Gina Brn 21214

Gina comes over Ebro x Mika and is bred on line over Rocky. Ebro is a full Spike brother and was a psd in Belgium. Mika is the nest sister of Greagus of Dirk vd Brink, 2012 champion PHII and now psd in Noord-Holland.
Gina is a great bitch with temparement and wants to bite well. She already has good ofspring from the combi with Wibo, Danko and Bassie.
Of course, Gina's is medical   100%  alright.

 Nix   brn 22295

Nix comes over the combi Wibo x Gina. She is a temperamentfull medium-sized bitch with a full powerful bite.
Nix already has a number of talented ofspring from Danko, Bassie and Wibo.
Of course she is also  100% medical ok.
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 Lola  brn  24044

Lola comes from Wibo x Noa and is a medium-sized female with a natural full bite.
Lola is linebred over Rocky in the combination of Wibo and Noa, both of whom have Rocky as grandfather.
Also, Lola is 100% medical ok. Like all our dogs we breed with  x-rayed on hips, back and elbows, with of course a complete denture.

Noa  brno 16021

Noa is a Tommy daughter (Rob Luyken and thus Rocky granddaughter) and Noa (formerly Marcel Dobbelaar). She is bred on line over Rambo.
Noa is a strong dark-brindle bitch with a very powerful full bite.
Also she is 100% medical in order.
Rosa brn. 29414,
Rosa is a Wibo daughter who, with Nix as a mother, is bred closely over Wibo.
This to anchor Wibo's genetic traits, also for the future.
Rosa is a super stable bitch, with athletic construction and a good full bite.
Rosa has a complete denture and, is 100% ok  on hips, back and elbows.
  Shelly  brn 26278
Shelly comes from the combination Cowboy x McKenzie. Cowboy is a Tommy (Luyken) grandson and McKenzie is a full sister of Gina, so bred on line over Rocky.
Shelly is a compact brave bitch with a good bite.
Shelly is also 100% medical ok.
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