Bassie as a puppy

What is important to you as an interested or puppy buyer?
We try to list the expected combinations on the site as soon as possible. If you are interested in a particular comb, or anyway in a puppy bred by us, please reserve in time to avoid disappointment.
You can do that by phone or personal and confirm by email.
We will use a reservation list that will help you decide where you are in a particular combination. This place is only final if we have received a deposit of € 100 on the pup. Unfortunately, we have to enter this by repeated disappointment regarding non-compliance.
The deposit will, of course, be returned if the bitch stays empty or if not enough pups are born.
Account number is NL18RABO 0143970720 to D & S Work Dog Kennel.
For foreign pup buyers, the price is on demand, given the different import conditions of the various countries and the costs that result from this.
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Bassie x Noa
September 12th, our Noa is bred by our Bassie. Expected   date of birth is around November 13th. Noa's pregnancy was positively confirmed by utrasound with our vet. .
Bassie comes through tight line breeding over our rocky and is a police dog of the old type.
Noa is a Tommy daughter (R. Luijken) and thus also wears the blood of Rocky. Noa is a large very dark streamed bitch with a very stable strong character. She has, like Bassie, a very powerful full bite and both are extreme  naturally bodyshard.
Bassie and Noa bloodline is found under the pages "male" and "bitches".
Pictures of previous combination and pups can be found on our Facebook page Van Leeuwen Dutch Shepherds.
Nest expectations
Of course, with reservations by fertility periods, etc.
Bassie x Noa (September 12, 2017 Covered. Expected Expiry Date November 13, 2017)
Harry (Brn 26390, A. Warmerdam) x Lola
Wibo x Gina
??? x Rosa
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