Rocky  brn 1676


Wibo  brn 10713

Wibo (brn 10713) is a powerful athletic rocky grandson with a 67 cm shoulder height. He is a very dominant male, with a highly flammable character with a lot of "fight" and appearance. Wibo is a hard, extremely strong male, with enormous hard and a full, natural, very powerful  bite. Wibo is an old style policedog dog, who proves these qualities over various bitches. There are now many ofspring of him at various police forces worldwide as a police service dog. Wibo is medical  100% ok (hip, back, elbows and teeth) and inherits it as well. Most young Wibo's are x-rayed (for purchase checks) and without deviations. Wibo is available for suitable bitches who are also 100% medical ok.

Bassie  brn 13792

Bassie is an athletic male with a 67 cm shoulder height. Bassie, like his father Wibo and his mother's brother,  Van Leeuwens Spike), is a very dominant male with a "short fuse".
Bas is a tough male with a powerful full bite and extreme guarding drive. An outstanding service dog in his character, fearless and   stable. Bas has shown that he inherits these qualities on various bitches.
Bassie has been back in line on Van Leeuwens Rocky, my old service dog, who comes back to many old  Dutch bloodlines and forms the basis of our bloodline.
Bassie is 100% medical OK (hips, back, elbows and teeth) and available for appropriate bitches who are also 100% medical ok.

Thimo  brn 21251

Thimo is a Rocky grandson who comes from a proven combination. From the same combi, dogs such as Mido (Mr. A. Luijken), Bokito (Mr. Ogink), Rabbit (Mr. Pijpers), Binky (Mr. Duiveman), Herman (Mr. Donker) and Laika (Mr. Wijma) . From this combination. All with far above average working ability, traits and aptitude. Thimo is also an exponent of this. Thimo is an impressive heavyweight,   45 + kg male. Thimo is not an easy dog ​​in the dressage because of his temperament  .
Thimo is 100% medical in order and x-rayed hips, elbows and back. In short, a giant of the old type of police dog and available on appropriate and medical ok healthy bitches.
Gappie, Brn 30910
Gappie is our new adition. He is a Wibo son and bred by   mr. Leegstra. He comes over mother's side from various proven lines and also Tommy Luijken, so Rocky-Blood.
We hope he will develop into a valuable asset within our breeding program with proven traits and if fully healthy.
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